Square Meaters are a new dimension in premium beef production.

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They are the true blue compact quiet achievers of the Australian beef industry with the success to prove it.

As purebreds and in crossbreeding operations Square Meaters are proving to be the key to the more efficient production of quality beef. Square Meaters sired calves have low birth weights (20 to 30 kgs), explosive early growth and great feed efficiency. They consistently grow into heavily muscled premium 250 to 300 kg weaners.

Square Meaters consistently perform well in carcase competitions often gaining 80-90%.   The Square Meaters steer 'Max', pictured at Parliament House raised over $8500 for the Melanoma Institute Australia at Canberra Royal 2016 went on to win Reserve Champion at the RNCAS National Steer and Heifer Competition with 91 points. 



The Square Meaters female has a calm nature and is a highly fertile, heavy milker. Due to her moderate frame and extra muscling she holds on when times are tough, and leaps ahead when feed is plentiful.  Making her the ideal breeder for producers targetting the pasture fed assurance certification.

If you are new to this great all-Australian breed now being exported to the world, feel free to explore our website to find out more.



To find our more and read articles about our breed download a copy of one of our Square Meaters Cattle Magazines.


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